Are you being harassed by Jaysen Johnson?

We are a group of people committed to protecting and helping women victimized by Jaysen Johnson, of Spokane Washington.

Who is Jaysen Johnson?

If you're here, you've probably met and sensed that there was something a little off about Jaysen Johnson (also known as Jason Heckathorn) and found this site via a search engine or other link.

Throughout these pages you'll learn more than you ever wanted to about the notorious Jaysen Johnson from Forest Grove, Oregon. If you're new here, you can read the Timeline and FAQ below or take a look at our recent postings about Jaysen in the side bar.

We have been documenting Jaysen's activities for many years, and talking to women he's harassed and documenting their stories. Jaysen typically finds a woman who has to talk to him, such as:

  • Bartenders
  • Baristas
  • Waitresses

Since these women are forced to talk to him he visits them very frequently, and tries to make friends with them on social media, which is not a crime. However if the woman does become his friend, he will stalk their profiles and continue with his advances. When she talks to other men, he gets jealous and lashes out.

Once the inevitable conflict arises, Jaysen starts making threats to these women, slanders them on Social Media and creates websites about them calling them horrible names and defaming them. He harasses them with phone calls and text messages and makes threats until asked to stop. Jaysen will always stop just short of being arrested and has frequent contact with the police.

Since Jaysen has generally learned to skirt the law, we decided to document these activities to help assist women who have gone through this ordeal. We have talked to many women from Forest Grove and Spokane about this issue, and heard many stories of stalking, harassment and police involvement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Jaysen ever been arrested?

Yes. Jaysen has been arrested many times for assault, harassment, forcible entry. He has learned to skirt the law better since then, and most of his records have been expunged. We provide the evidence for this here.

Is it true his own mother had a restraining order on him?

Yes. This was done after he assaulted her and she evicted him from his house. We provide the evidence of this here.

Is Jaysen Johnson an EMT?

No. At one time Jaysen was an EMT who once transported elderly patients for an ambulance company but has since lost his certification, although he still claims to be one.

Does Jaysen carry a gun?

Yes, according to his claims he carries a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber pistol with him concealed.

We have detailed records and testimony about Jaysen's activity documented on this site. We have collected testimony from numerous women talking of his harassment. We have hidden some of these to protect those who gave it to us, but we will gladly provide it to law enforcement.

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1998: Jaysen starts stalking Heywood's girlfriend. After the advances are refused and Heywood has to stop Jaysen from physically harming his girlfriend, Jaysen becomes fully obsessed with Heywood and taking him down. After one of Heywood's friends tricks him into downloading an app to "hack Heywood", Jaysen finds out it's actually a program to wipe out his windows 95 installation. Angered, he contacts Forest Grove police accusing Jeremy of being a Hacker.

1999: Jaysen convinces Forest Grove Police of all Heywood's wrongdoings at which point they seize his computers, and find nothing, and no charges are filed.

2000: Jaysen is convicted of harassing a young lady who resisted his advances. This is well documented in court records.

2002: Forcible entry complaint against Jaysen. Click here to read the court records

2003: Jaysen finds out Jeremy is running a website and creates a false spam complaint about him. Since he works tech support for a local ISP, he threatens to "blackhole" the webhost, something he has no power to do but the webhost complied and removed Jeremy's site. Jason did this to impress Oregon Wench, a woman he had befriended after stalking Heywood.

2003: Jaysen's mom gets a restraining order against him because she fears for her safety. In the court documents, his mother clearly writes that Jaysen is abusive, schizophrenic, off his meds and that she fears for her physical safety. Click here to read a copy of the restraining order and click here to hear his mom describe how she has a restraining order against him

2003: Jaysen's post from 1999 in looking for pictures of young children is discovered. Jaysen later had that post deleted as well as cached copies deleted on search engines, and then claimed it never happened even though dozens of people saw the post.

2003: Heywood closes his site and we don't hear directly from Jaysen for a couple years.

2004: Another forcible entry complaint. Click here to see the records.

2006: Jaysen gets his name changed. Click here to see the records.

2011: Jaysen comes bursting back into everyone's lives directly. After Jaysen started screaming at Heywood in a Forest Grove bar, Jaysen's landlord at the time approached Heywood in that same bar and told him about how Jaysen was always being creepy with children in the neighborhood. It was so bad that the neighbors were complaining about him spending too much time with the neighborhood kids and trying to give them candy that the landlord wanted him out.

2011: Jaysen started stalking the staff of a sports bar in Forest Grove after they kicked him out. He personally created a webpage using the employee's full names, prank called them, posted their personal information, harassed the sport's bar Facebook, stalked the staff on their own Facebook, posted fake negative reviews on Yelp, and ran around town posting flyers about the bar. Jaysen did not stop harassing these folks until we posted about it. The owner and staff of the bar still joke about Jaysen to this day. You can see a mirror of the page Jaysen created by clicking here

2011: Jaysen creates a fake charity to help a local sports bar named Prime Time that burnt down. When the owner of the bar discovered Jaysen's fake charity, he sent the cops to Jaysen's house where they made him shut down the site. He went on to harass the owner, make threats, and get banned from their Facebook group. Just ask the owner of Prime Time in Forest Grove if you don't believe me. We found out about this incident after one of the people from the Primetime Facebook group Googled his name and found this site. Click here to read about the incident.

2012: We start getting e-mails from random baristas who are freaked out by him starting to linger too long at their job and generally trying to force them to add him on Facebook or give him their numbers. When they Googled him, they found this page and contacted us.

2012: We are e-mailed by a concerned neighbor of Jaysen's mom. At the time, Jaysen was living with his mom. Jaysen would often come over to her house to play with her young daughter while she was at work and the child was alone with the babysitter. According to this neighbor, Jaysen frequently screamed at his mother, carried his gun outside, and bragged about stealing property from other neighbors. This neighbor became so disturbed by Jaysen's behavior and his strange obsession with her daughter that she asked him to back off and told the babysitter to never let him in the house. Thanks to the power of Google, she found this site.

2013: We continue getting random snippets of Jaysen crazy. Most of it had to do with his bragging about stealing stuff and how people were not amused by it.

2013: Jaysen starts a photography page which features mostly pictures of small children. After we pointed it out, he quickly deletes all photos of children on the page.

2014: We are contacted by a former acquaintance of Jaysen whom we will call "Bob." Bob knew Jaysen during the years of 2004 - 2009 and it was during this time that Jaysen legally changed his name. Jaysen confided in Bob that he had to change his name because he had "consensual" sex with a 13 year old girl but he was scared that her parents would find out. Bob said that after Jaysen was kicked out of his mother's house and during the time he was worried about being arrested, he jumped on a Greyhound bus to Illinois to meet a girl he met off the internet. Whatever happened there is a bit of a mystery since he wouldn't tell Bob much when he got back but we do know that he returned to Oregon less than a month later via a Greyhound bus and he complained that the girl he met had the police kick him out of her house.

2014: We are contacted by another acquaintance of Jaysens who lets us know that he's working as volunteer security at his church.

2014: We are contacted by even more baristas claiming that Jaysen is continuing his obsessive behavior.

NOTE: During this ENTIRE time between 2003 – 2014, Jaysen continues stalking Heywood's Facebook, sites, etc and petitions Facebook or his webmaster to ban him and remove his site for fake things like "offensive language," "copyright infringement" (for posting memes), etc.